Macintosh collector groups?

From: Seth Lewin <>
Date: Sun Dec 19 19:42:10 2004


You might try posting them in the both the "free" area and "computer" area
on Craigslist (; that might work. The IIsi has pretty
much no value - ie: I doubt anyone would pay anything for one beyond the
cost of shipping unless it has one or another of the more interesting PDS
cards or adapters (does it?). I have quite a few si's that I've picked up
at the local recycling depot. The 7200 is a more useful machine which is
still upgradable. What comes with them by way of peripherals/ keyboards/ old
sofware/ whatnot? I've been keeping a double handful of older Macs around
here and the software to run 'em just in case some day down the line when
I'm old and gray I suddenly have the urge to run PageMaker v. 2, or even
Excel 1.04 (all 170K of it)...or the original MacPaint.

Seth Lewin

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> From: Michael <>
> Subject: Macintosh collector groups?
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> Howdy all,
> I have two Macs, a Mac IIsi and 7200, I would like to get rid of. Does
> anyone have any recommendation for a Mac collectors group that might
> have some individuals interested in these machines? Listings for these
> machines on both Ebay and Vintage Marketplace have yeilded no takers.
> Thanks,
> -- Michael
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