FET Cross-reference - a bit off-topic

From: Neil Breeden <nbreeden2_at_comcast.net>
Date: Sun Dec 19 20:17:15 2004

I'm in the middle of some repair work on an older Heathkit O-Scope model
IO-102, the vertical board uses an N-Channel FET (Q1 - EL131 - Heathkit part
number 417-241) which has become very thermal. I picked up a replacement
from a local electronics distributor however the crossed NTE part simply
doesn't work in the circuit. (NTE cross shows an NTE133 as the cross for the
EL131). I've tried a couple NTE133s and an MPF105 as well, all work the same
in the circuit but don't work correctly.


Does anyone know of an exact EL131 replacement, know if the ECG312 really is
a good replacement or even better know where I can get a Heathkit
replacement part. Digikey, Mouser etc. all don't recognize the EL131 part





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