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From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Wed Dec 22 20:21:33 2004

The little 50pin connectors are DSSI.
SCSI adaptors typically used the 'centronics' connectors.
Nothing wrong with DSSI. I believe each drive had state
memory and its own mc68000 processr. You can log-in
to _the drive_ and inquire usage statistics and other history
from it. Not necessary, but just another fun thing to do with

> Does anyone have any other suggested hardware documentation
> site's they think would be worthwhile to point me at?

There is a set of files called the "dec94mds" that has a file
v4000oga.pdf in it. That file is the VAX 4000 Operations guide.
http://vt100.net/manx/ says there's 4 copies on-line
( http://vt100.net/manx/details?pn=EK-V4000-OG.A01 )

John A.
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