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From: Peter Sjoberg <peters04_at_techwiz.ca>
Date: Wed Dec 22 21:48:45 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 21:21 -0500, John Allain wrote:
> The little 50pin connectors are DSSI.
> SCSI adaptors typically used the 'centronics' connectors.
> Nothing wrong with DSSI. I believe each drive had state
> memory and its own mc68000 processr. You can log-in
> to _the drive_ and inquire usage statistics and other history
> from it. Not necessary, but just another fun thing to do with
> VAXes.
One big warning regarding DSSI, DO NOT disconnect ANY cables with power
I learned this the hard way. The server was shutdown but did still have
power. I wanted to rewire so I just pulled it out and put it back and
now nothing worked. The DEC tech was on site at the same time and
informed me that in this configuration the onboard fuse with blow just
about every time the cable is disconnected with power on.

On the DSSI terminator it's a light, if that is off - start to look for
a fuse.

> > Does anyone have any other suggested hardware documentation
> > site's they think would be worthwhile to point me at?
> There is a set of files called the "dec94mds" that has a file
> v4000oga.pdf in it. That file is the VAX 4000 Operations guide.
> http://vt100.net/manx/ says there's 4 copies on-line
> ( http://vt100.net/manx/details?pn=EK-V4000-OG.A01 )
> John A.
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