Another iPDS query

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Dec 23 06:59:46 2004

At 01:16 AM 12/23/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you have any software that drives or uses the iSBX 251 bubble memory
>module board?
>My 1986 Intel Development systems handbook says
>"The iPDS can be used as a general purpose desktop computer. The widely used
>CP/M microcomputer operating system is available for the iPDS from Intel. It
>supports iPDS systems with single or multiple disk drives, and iPDS systems
>using bubble memory for mass storage."

>Is this inherent in CP/M from Intel? Has anyone tried this?

  I don't know of anyone that has CPM from Intel. Dave Mabry has modified
regular CPM to work with the MDSs (mostly a matter of making it recognize
both the SD and DD drives). AFIK the only thing that supports the bubble
memory is iRMX. I believe that's what it said in the Intel 1983 catalog but
Intel CPM came out later and it may have support for it but the problem
would be to figure out how the board would have to be configured. My 254
Hardware Reference Manual has no mention of CPM. iRMX has support for the
full size iSBC 254 bubble memory. I don't know if it supports the iSBX
boards or not but I doubt it. Dave is in the process of writing utilities
and drivers for the 254 card for CPM and Steve Thatcer is writing them for

I think I have
>Intel CP/M for the iPDS but don't have any bubble memory left.

   I'd like get a copy of that and try it! Hint, hint!

 Nor do I have any
>of the 4 way iSBX boards for the iPDSs left.

   I MAY be able to dig some up but it's going to take some time.


>Astoria, OR
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