From: Eric & Diane Lenius <>
Date: Thu Dec 23 13:38:17 2004

In November 2003 Joe Heck offered up a stack of manuals including some heathkit stufff I could really use right now that he was going to toss. I'd like to contact him and see if he indeed tossed them out.


Eric Lenius

Heathkit H11-2 parallel interface module schematic
Heathkit WH9-1, WH8-51, WH11-51, WH8-41 adapter cables instructions
Heathkit H11-2 illistration booklet
Heathkit WHA11-5 serial interface module schematic
Heathkit H11-5 illistration booklet
Heath/Zenith model WHA11-5 serial interface module operation/service manual
Heathkit H11-5 serial interface module 1977
Heathkit H11-2 parallel interface module 1977
Heathkit H11-5 schematic
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