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From: David Holland <dholland_at_woh.rr.com>
Date: Thu Dec 23 16:15:17 2004

On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 23:46 +0000, Antonio Carlini wrote:


> I would expect ethernet, but SCSI, while possible, is rarer. These
> things usually had SDI drives (KDA50 inside, RA7x drives in the
> upper bays) or DSSI (again RF7x drives in the upper bays).
> It was possible to arrange for SCSI to be in the box using
> a KZQSA, but that was only used to drive CDROM and tape -
> disks were not oficially supported.
> The small high density connector is sometimes mistaken for
> SCSI. Having what looks like a pair of SCSI connectors on
> the far left hand side does not mean you actually have SCSI
> (unless there is a KZQSA inside).

Ah, my bad, yeah, they do look like mini 50 pin scsi connectors.

It does have true scsi on it at least.. You say disks were "Not
officially supported".. I don't suppose they'd work still though?

(I've a number of varying size SCSI drives in external shoe boxes that
are easy enough to move around, and plug in. DSSI drives, well....
Unsurprisingly, I don't have any of those, should the below 3 turn out
to be boat anchors.)

I've poked around in it, and on the net enough to see what all is in
it.. Should anyone be interested..

2 RF72 1G drives.
1 RF31 380M drive.
TK70 Tape drive.
KZQSA SCSI Controller.
M7559 TQK70 Tape controller.
DELQA-SA Ethernet
CXA16-M 16 port ASYNC board.
L4000-AA KA670 CPU board.
L4001-BE 32Mb memory board (I still think that's a mighty large pile of
                                chips for just 32MB)

A DELNI "hub"
A DESTA thinnet adapter.
A H3104 for the CXA16 (So, only 8 of the CXA16 ports will be available.)

A C. Itoh CIT220+ terminal

I've not learned much about the juke box, other than its made by U.S.
Design, and has a HP C1718 MO drive in it.

And I believe all the necessary cables to wire it up.

> The VAX 4000-300 CPU is indeed a KA670. If you have the later
> backplane (I forget the right serial number sequence) then
> you can upgrade to any of the later models (-400, -500,
> -600, 700A, -705A and maybe a few I missed along the way)
> just by swapping CPU and memory. The other CPUs are KA68x
> and KA69x. Lots of technical manuals available for pretty
> much all of these.

That I'll have to check into..

Fortunately, I've already got a Encompass membership, and VAX/VMS 7.3.
(Is 32Mb really enough for 7.3?)

Putting it into working order will probably end up being a 2005 project
w/ my son and the holidays coming.

My thanks for the other suggestions/sites/warnings. I think I've got
enough to chew on for a bit..

Thanks all,

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