Merry X-mas to everyone; Token Ring Christmas gift

From: Arno1983 <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 15:47:47 2004

The subject says it all...

I'd like to wish everybody in "the hobby" a merry Christmas and, as I won't
be online too often until 09.01.05, quite possibly a happy new year as well.

Thanks to all who - both regularly or sporadically - populate this list and,
friendly and helpful, contribute to the massive amount of knowledge as well
as to the unique atmosphere here. Double thanks to the people who maintain
the list server, moderate postings and generally "do the work", thus
allowing this community to flourish. Last but not least, thanks also to
everyone who helped me with the questions and tasks I was personally
involved with - the network gear transport, the HP disk drive documentation
and everything else I forget right now.

Also, somebody has a Christmas Gift for a true Token Ring enthusiast (might
even suffice for more of them); I hope he doesn't mind me sending it here -
he didn't react to private mail suggesting he might crosspost it here:

> From: Porkchop <>
> Subject: [rescue] For Rescue: Token Ring!
> To:
> My employer moved from Token Ring to Ethernet a few years ago.
> Finally, the rooms used to store the old 3,000+ port network will be
> needed for something else.
> Its all IBM. We have bridges, 8270s (managed token ring switches),
> CAUs (controlled hubs), LAMs (expansion options for the CAUs...25
> extra ports per LAM), a few MAUs (uncontrolled hubs)... the CAUs have
> fiber options, the 8270s I think have [fiber] ATM cards and some have
> fiber token ring cards. All have copper token ring. This is a mix of
> type1, type2, rj-11, and biconic fiber. Mostly RJ-11.
> We also have three very large ATM switches, but they will probably be
> going a separate way.
> Here's the catch. You gotta take it all. I'm guesstimating 30 cubic
> yards...its been a while since I've been over there but I'll of
> course give a more accurate approximation to anyone interested.
> Serious offers only, please. I don't want to bring up an option only
> to have it fall through. 1-5 month timeframe.
> How much you offer isn't important. Minimum bid is $1...we actually
> need the magical $1. Everyone in IT would like to see it go to a
> better place than a landfill...
> Mid Hudson Valley, New York...2 hours north of NYC.
> -porkchop

There already were some "interested reactions" on the rescue list, but of
course nobody knows if one of them is gonna work out. If this load is
aquired, I might well be interested in some of this stuff; I've got some
Token Ring NICs at home and a few more inbound, but neither cabling nor a
MAU/CAU yet.

Yours sincerely, so long (and thanks for all the fish :-)

Arno Kletzander
Stud. Hilfskraft Informatik Sammlung Erlangen ---
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