Merry X-mas to everyone; Token Ring Christmas gift

From: Gordon JC Pearce <>
Date: Fri Dec 24 19:48:59 2004

Arno1983 wrote:

>>From: Porkchop <>
>>Subject: [rescue] For Rescue: Token Ring!

>>How much you offer isn't important. Minimum bid is $1...we actually
>>need the magical $1. Everyone in IT would like to see it go to a
>>better place than a landfill...
>>Mid Hudson Valley, New York...2 hours north of NYC.
> There already were some "interested reactions" on the rescue list, but of
> course nobody knows if one of them is gonna work out. If this load is
> aquired, I might well be interested in some of this stuff; I've got some
> Token Ring NICs at home and a few more inbound, but neither cabling nor a
> MAU/CAU yet.
> Yours sincerely, so long (and thanks for all the fish :-)

I'll pay for it but someone else has to pick it up...
I'd love some of this, but shipping it to Scotland would be prohibitive.
  Unless they can wangle some magic scheme to get it shipped to IBM

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