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Date: Sat Dec 25 11:08:38 2004

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>Computer Collector Newsletter wrote:
>> Ummm, I started the off-topicness here, so I'll try to end it by putting
>> forward these questions:
>> - What is the most odd computer you've encountered in a car's drivetrain?
>> - What is the largest computer you've fit into a car?
>> - What is the computer that gave Jay a flat tire en route to VCF East this
>> year?
>Most odd computer must be the little microprocessor controller thingy
>that lives under the seat in an old-shape Nissan Micra. All it does is
>detect if you've turned on the lights, heater fan, heated rear window,
>or if the engine cooling fan has turned on. If one of these things is
>on, it turns on a little solenoid valve on the side of the carb to
>increase the idle speed a little. For this they use (IIRC) an 8042

  My '85 Nissan truck has something similar. I think most cars do. FWIW my
'70 Plymouth Superbird did the same thing but much simpler. They simply put
a electrical solenoid on the side of the carburator. With certain
accessories (don't remember which ones) were on, power was applied to the
solenoid and it's plunger raised up about 1/8" and pushed up the arm
connected to the trottle on the carburator. Very simply and effective.
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