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Date: Sat Dec 25 08:22:14 2004

> >> - What is the computer that gave Jay a flat tire en route to VCF East this
> >> year?
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> >Most odd computer must be the little microprocessor controller thingy
> >that lives under the seat in an old-shape Nissan Micra. All it does is
> My '85 Nissan truck has something similar. I think most cars do. FWIW my
> '70 Plymouth Superbird did the same thing but much simpler. They simply put
> a electrical solenoid on the side of the carburator. With certain
> accessories (don't remember which ones) were on, power was applied to the
> solenoid and it's plunger raised up about 1/8" and pushed up the arm
> connected to the trottle on the carburator. Very simply and effective.
> Joe

My caravan 1987 2.2L 4cyl does have 2 barrel carb (Tulip).
Did have computer to adjust the spark advance via the rpm (sensed via
the distributor vanes) and vacuum transductor. Computer also monitor
engine temp, control the throttle kicker (bumps up 200rpm or so).
Throttle closed contact. Computer also controls the secondary
throttle via vacuum soleoid valve, enables when engine is warmed up.
 For fuel vapor control too, via another vacuum soleoid valve.

Micro in radio for electronic tuner & clock.


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