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From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Sat Dec 25 18:39:37 2004

My car, a 1963 Rambler Classic 550 Cross Country (aka "station
wagon") originally had seven transistors in the radio, and two
in the voltage regulator.

As part of the LPG fuel conversion (I did in 1989) I added a
"computer", which fits a 1963 definition of the word; it's
basically a few opamps powering the servo loop that controls
fuel mixture. Oxygen sensor in the exhaust tells the "computer"
mixture error, which it adjusts by PWMing a solenoid applying
engine vacuum to the pressure regulator (aka "convertor"). About
8 DIP packages. Autotronics 4045 or something (RTFM).

I added a "late model" electronic ignition. Three transistors
and a zener in there. Beats mechanical points all to hell.

Another three transistors and a zener, in a so-called "one-wire"

The stereo has ICs in it (dammit).

It's all slightly crossed the border into too much complexity
for me, aesthetically.
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