Available: SCSI disks and SCSI DDS drives

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_computer-refuge.org>
Date: Sun Dec 26 16:55:09 2004

We were emptying a cabinet of old disks at work, and I saved a few to
erase and offer to the list. I'm asking $5 plus shipping costs for a
pair of drives (except for 5.25" FH drives, as noted in list). Price
can go down in quantity. :)

All drives are 3.5", 50-pin SCSI unless otherwise noted.

What's available:

IBM drives:

9 x 2GB 1.6" tall/Half height (86F0118 / 86F0101) "Model 664"
1 x 1GB 1.6"/HH (55F9902) "Model 663"
2 x 1GB 1"/ 1/3H (45G9467 / 86G9049) "Model 662"

Fujitsu drives:

1 x 1GB 1"/One third height (M1606SAU)
2 x 2GB 1.6"/HH (M2932SAU)
4 x 600MB 1.6"/HH (M2694ESA)
2 x 4GB 1.6"/HH (M2934SAU)
4 x 2GB 5.25" wide full-height (M2654SA) ($5 ea)
2 x 4GB 1"/HH (M2954SYO)

Archive DDS drives:

2 x 5.25" HH internal DDS 2/4GB tape drive

I want to get rid of the disks as soon as possible, so I'll only be
holding onto them until around Jan 3rd.

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