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From: Michael Nadeau <menadeau_at_comcast.net>
Date: Tue Dec 28 19:35:11 2004

> Crazy!
> Sometimes it seems like there is a hidden, darker side of our hobby -- the
> people who collect almost in secret and don't share it with anyone. I'm
> condemning these people; I'm sure they appreciate their collections as
much as
> anyone else.
Any established collector community is like an iceberg. Most of it is out of
sight below the surface. My father has been active in the antique car
community for years, and he made his most interesting contacts through his
job at a car dealership. There, he met a number of apparently wealthy people
with amazing collections who rarely or never participated in the community.

These people were definitely secretive and tended to be a bit introverted
and perhaps paranoid about too many people finding out about what they had.
Most collectors hear about them after they die and their collections become
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