Available: old Vectra / MS-DOS 3.1 / QuietJet / misc manuals

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Tue Dec 28 19:54:38 2004


I received the following from a friend in France.

If anyone is interested in it, email me and I'll send
you his email address.

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While browsing my dad's attic a few days back, I stumbled on old Vectra and
MS-DOS manuals, ca. '86. There is the complete documentation set that was
sent with 286-powered machines, complete with MS-DOS 3.1 documentation,
plus a QuietJet user manual, and a few other items.

If you are interested, I can e-mail you a complete list.
The stuff is yours for the price of shipping.
If you are willing to pass this on to another possibly interested person,
that's OK. Otherwise, it will all go to my dad's trash can.

I've asked my dad to wait a few days [before trasking the stuff].


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