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Date: Wed Dec 29 10:47:38 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, Bill Sudbrink wrote:

> I don't recall where I read it now... (somewhere in a newsgroup) but
> it seems to be fueled by Japanese vintage (read tube) stereo collectors.
> The original service and repair manuals spec that particular kind of
> solder and there seems to be a belief that the modern equivalent is not
> mixed (alloyed, whatever) correctly. So if you pay big bucks for a
> tube stereo but it is repaired with the "wrong" solder, you still don't
> get the "magic" sound you're looking for, hence you'll pay several
> hundred bucks for an old spool of solder. Apparently, they'll even have
> working units that appear to contain "incorrect" solder disassembled
> all of the "bad" solder removed and then reassembled with the "right"
> stuff.

Wow, these people need to spend less on their music and more on their

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