Ethernet Cables?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 11:03:45 2004

On Dec 29 2004, 10:29, John Allain wrote:
> RJ45 type cables also factored in with IBM's Token Ring
> connectivity. There were adaptors, probably Baluns to go
> from the largish connectors to these. This _could_ be one.

Not very likely, though. I think Jim is more likely correct, that it's
a console cable or at least some sort of serial cable. The colours
Marvin mentioned are often used for flat cable; baluns are for twisted

Also, serial cables commonly use a scheme where the innermost two wires
(4,5) are ground, either side are receive and transmit (3,6), and
handshake lines DTR/DSR (or DCD) (2,7) and CTS/RTS (1,8) are at the
edges. By that scheme, Marvin's cable would short DTR to DSR and RTS
to CTS, which makes sense.

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