What are terminals worth?

From: Vintage Computer Festival <vcf_at_siconic.com>
Date: Wed Dec 29 16:21:39 2004

On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, Al Kossow wrote:

> I have a wyse wy-50 and a vt101 in good condition that I need to get
> rid of... I'm wondering if they're even worth putting on ebay.
> --
> yes, esp if the vt101 has a working power supply.
> I don't know what is is about late 70's DEC switchers, but
> just about everything I have now with them in is dead (VT100's,
> 11/44's, et al)

Speaking of which (kinda) I've got a dead VT105. What is a VT105? Was it
just a VT100 made to go with the PDP 11/05? It looks just like a VT100.

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