What are terminals worth?

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Dec 29 17:42:25 2004

> Speaking of which (kinda) I've got a dead VT105. What is a VT105? Was it
> just a VT100 made to go with the PDP 11/05? It looks just like a VT100.

No, it's a VT100 with a 'function generator' board in it. This board adds
the ability to plot mathematical functions -- for each column of the
display (that's dot column, mot character column), you can set store 2 Y
values. Either the point at that Y value is displayed (so you can plot
the graphs of 2 functions) or all points below the specified one
(including it, I think) are displayed, so you can plot barcharts.

It was a way to get a fairly high-res display with limited memory, but of
course it's useless for displaying bitmapped images, etc.

It was certainly supplied with the MINC (in fact the schematic of the
extra board is in my MINC printset), but it works with anything with an
RS232 interface.

Incidentally, a VT55 is a VT52 with a similar graphics display capability.

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