Commodore sold yet again

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 20:18:05 2004

> Bah! The group that you refer to is not worth EU$24 million, plain and
> simple.

Some of the kids that grew up playing with C64s make 24 million Euro a
year. It is not just the retro crowd, but the whole generation.

It is the name. Some names come back with incredible power (Packard-Bell
anyone?). 24 mE might actually be cheap.

> The Commodore brand name is meaningless in the greater
> marketplace at this point. Sure you've got a few thousand diehards that
> might buy a Commodore MP3 player as a novelty, but what does that net you?

Get into the mind of a marketting boob. Imagine coming out with a line of
MP3 players or game machines, or whatever. Everytime you show a commercial
or ad with the "new" Commodore, countless people, geeks or otherwise, will
think of the happy memories of spending a couple of hours a day after high
school playing games on you C64 (that's what I did, anyway). No pressures,
mom isn't home, screw German homework, a stack of cookies, maybe a little
Green Guy, and Racing Construction Set. Good memories leave a good
impression, and the ad works.

Now get out.

> It is when it's used to purchase dust.

How much does it cost to make a series of television commercials? They are
just a different marketing tool.

William Donzelli
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