Commodore sold yet again

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 11:34:02 2004

Rumor has it that William Donzelli may have mentioned these words:
> > Bah! The group that you refer to is not worth EU$24 million, plain and
> > simple.
>Some of the kids that grew up playing with C64s make 24 million Euro a
>year. It is not just the retro crowd, but the whole generation.

Who wants to restart all the advocacy wars? Could you actually see all of
us around the shuffleboard court at the old-age home, *still* arguing about
which platform was best (or beaten to death)?

* Eh, I see that Atari finally licensed Combat for the 2600 yet again, and
I'm running it on my 66.08 ExaHertz Amtel Pentathon 77 in an emulator, and
it's almost like the real thing!

: What? Only ancient Fuddyduddies run Atari. They weren't as good as my
great-grandma, and she farts dust! Commodore just came out with their
Vic20/C64/128/Amiga4000T joystick, and let me tell you, *those* games are
where it's at, even 60 years later. Of course, I can't remember how to play
any of them, and threw my back out picking up that durned joystick...

=-=-= :-)

Admittedly, if there's enough stupid people on this planet that they can
actually make money, more power to 'em; but I'm with Sellam on this one.

>It is the name. Some names come back with incredible power (Packard-Bell

You call that *power* -- They were pitiful to begin with, and the few
machines I've seen now (I've heard they teamed with NEC for the Canadian
market, but I've only seen one or two of those machines, and they're still
*junk*) -- Their one big "hurrah" was getting in with Walmart - but even
then they went bankrupt due to their cheap crap.

How many people get misty-eyed over a Packard-Hell? No-one I know -- and if
the new purchasers of Commodore pull the same crap Packard-Hell has,
they'll alienate the few remaining diehards that're left...

It's sometimes better to save face and die a dignified death... ;-)

> 24 mE might actually be cheap.

24 milli-Euroes is about all I'd have considered for it. ;-)

>Get into the mind of a marketting boob.

Do that, and you may never get out with your sanity intact... ;-)

Happy Hollydaze,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

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