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From: Andy Holt <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 06:40:57 2004

> I was going to suggest something like this:
> (Honeywell version of the IBM 2314) but 16k microcode seems a lot for a
> disk controller and I don't see why it would need to be 16-bit.
> --
> Lawrence Wilkinson

Perhaps - ICL computers used their own "PF56" which was a 16-bit design for
controlling EDS30s and EDS60s (and as a comms processor). [from the diameter
of the paper-tape reel used to load the software on one of these I would
expect the code size to be between 4K and 8K bytes ... but it would also
need a fair amount of buffer space]

However, I would have expected Honeywell's inclination at the time would
have been to use a variation on the Datanet (which was an 18-bit processor)
on the 600/6000/level66.

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