Defective IBM core memory by frost.

From: Henk Stegeman <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 06:52:02 2004


I am a happy owner of a IBM System/3. This system was standing unpacked
in my garage for more then 10 years waiting to be put back into service.
If was stored in perfect working condition.
Last week I started to restore my old IBM system/3 to working condition.
After solving several problems in the power up sequence the system was ready
to be IPL-ed.
Immediately I had a processor check. Checks lights indicated storage problems.
After investigation I discovered that the several X wires on the core planes where open.
These wires are mounted by IBM on a square frame. During a heavy forst period
(I live in the Netherlands) while standing in a unheated garage the copper
X wires shrink and broke. About 20% of the X wires are broken.
None of the Y wires (???).
These planes are stacked on top of eachother by IBM and the X/Y wire terminals are
welded together. This makes the planes non-accessible to repair the open wires.

I now have 2 unit (each 32k) both located in the system defective beyond repair
and idem a spare unit of 16k.

Any one who has such IBM storage unit available to bring my IBM S/3 back to live...?



Henk Stegeman
Received on Thu Dec 30 2004 - 06:52:02 GMT

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