KRQ50 and RRD40-DA

From: Wai-Sun Chia <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 03:31:55 2004

Hello list,
Recently acquired a KRQ50 for my VAX so now I'm looking for the media to
go with it. According to the literature, the KRQ50 will work with RRD50
and the RRD40-HB/HD.

RRD50 seems to be pretty rare, however there are a couple of RRD40 at
eBay right now. The question is that would a RRD40-DA (tabletop version)
work with the KRQ50?

The RRD40-DA has a standard 50-pin SCSI-I centronics connector, but I
don't think the KRQ50 do SCSI, right? Or it doesn't matter?

Furthermore, what is the difference between RRD40-HB/HD (KRQ50 version)
and RRD40-AA/DA (SCSI version)?

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