KRQ50 and RRD40-DA

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 18:48:18 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 17:31:55 +0800, Wai-Sun Chia <> wrote:
> Hello list,
> Recently acquired a KRQ50 for my VAX so now I'm looking for the media to
> go with it. According to the literature, the KRQ50 will work with RRD50
> and the RRD40-HB/HD.
> RRD50 seems to be pretty rare, however there are a couple of RRD40 at
> eBay right now. The question is that would a RRD40-DA (tabletop version)
> work with the KRQ50?
> The RRD40-DA has a standard 50-pin SCSI-I centronics connector, but I
> don't think the KRQ50 do SCSI, right? Or it doesn't matter?
> Furthermore, what is the difference between RRD40-HB/HD (KRQ50 version)
> and RRD40-AA/DA (SCSI version)?
> /wai-sun
The KRQ50 version of the rrd40 is not scsi it is serial driven (lms
?). The rrd40 are also really slow less then 1x speed drives. Unless
you want it for shits and giggles I wouldn't recommend using one. It
would be quicker to use a pc running simh to copy files across when
you need them (not as fun though). Also if you do find the right rrd40
it probably won't come with caddies or cables.

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