Reviving old hard drives

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 18:57:50 2004

1. Very early full height drives had a real "brake",
like a brake shoe on a car, that locks when power is
disengaged. Maybe this is sticking.

2. Very early drives son't have any kind of embedded
servo/voice coil technology - they used a stepper
only. I recall that those didn't like to operate
outside of a narrow temperature range (50-100F),
probably coefficient of expension problems. I remember
that we were so excited when our first Shugart 5M
full height came in we formatted it immediately after
it had been in a UPS truck for days during the winter
- and it produced numerous errors. Two hours later, we
reformatted it and it was fine. So, I don't know how
well the temperature trick will work. It might work
for a few minutes between "too cold" and "too hot"...

-Steve Loboyko

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