Intel MDS Series II poll

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 20:06:17 2004

Ok, I've been on a kick lately to get my Intel MDS Series II systems
working as much as I can. So my interest in them is peaking.

I'd like to know who has Series II's on this list, if you don't mind
admitting it. I know that Tony, Joe, Steve, Dwight, and a few others
do. And Joe can probably supply anyone who wants one with a system.
;) Just kidding Joe. You are hanging onto yours as an investment,
right? I know I am!!!

These last couple of days I copied images of the ROM code that makes up
an upgrade for the Series II called iMDX-511. It was all new firmware
for the IOC board (4 2716's) and a new firmware in the keyboard (8741A)
to implement the upgrade. It turned the RPT (repeat) key into a
"function" (FCTN) key. And along with the latest version of ISIS (4.3)
you had the capability to hit FCTN-D for "DIR " or FCTN-T for " TO " and
many other "soft" keys for ISIS command line shortcuts. It also added
cursor addressability to the integral CRT and some attributes, like
reverse video, blinking, underline, etc. All stuff that we take for
granted today, but in those days it was a big thing!!!

Anyway, if anyone is interested I can make the binaries available and
help those of you who have these beasts get it implemented.

Any takers?
Dave Mabry
Received on Thu Dec 30 2004 - 20:06:17 GMT

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