Intel MDS Series II poll

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Thu Dec 30 23:52:27 2004

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 21:06:17 -0500
Dave Mabry <> wrote:

> Ok, I've been on a kick lately to get my Intel MDS Series II systems
> working as much as I can. So my interest in them is peaking.
> I'd like to know who has Series II's on this list, if you don't mind
> admitting it. I know that Tony, Joe, Steve, Dwight, and a few others
> do. And Joe can probably supply anyone who wants one with a system.
> ;) Just kidding Joe. You are hanging onto yours as an investment,
> right? I know I am!!!

I have the Series II machine that I mistakenly called an MDS-800 in a comment a few months ago on the list. It still hasn't been brought up. I have way too many projects all running at once, as usual.

Pix of the boards in mine at for anybody who hasn't looked at them already.

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