Ultrix on an 11/730?

From: Ethan Dicks <dickset_at_amanda.spole.gov>
Date: Sun Feb 1 16:55:22 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 06:31:10AM -0500, Brad Parker wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if there is a version of Ultrix which will boot on an
> 11/730?

I used to run Ultrix 1.1 on an 11/730 at work. Nothing funny... load and

One tip: we had a problem when we put UUCP up on it and ran Net News on
it after the great renaming. You'll need a modern newsgroups file.

Max memory is 5MB. Dunno about newer versions than v1.1, but keep the
memory size in mind. You should be able to stuff a UDA-50 or Emulex
SMD controller on it, so disk size shouldn't be a problem.

Which version do you have? The one that looks like a skinny 11/750 or
the RL02/RB80 version with the CPU in the middle? I've never worked
with the skinny-11/750 cab. I presume there's room in the CPU box for
a couple of DD-11DKs, but that's merely an assumption. You would have
to have external disk, though (but I suppose there's room in the cab
for an RA70 or other smallish disk).


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