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From: jpero_at_sympatico.ca <(jpero_at_sympatico.ca)>
Date: Sun Feb 1 17:10:06 2004

> I didn't think people still buy AT cases, but this one (without
> power supply) went for $46.52 (I have this exact case in a p2-400
> system for old games). Just pointing this out because even some
> common 486-Pentium PC era stuff has some value if it was of good
> quality. As time goes on cases get cheaper in quality, at least from
> what I have seen.

Somewhat correct, in that era of AT stuff (88 to 96) quality is all
over the map and decent stuff is hard to find till online ordering
got more plentiful around 97.

That case with PSU (has to, was about 100 to 120 new back then).
Warning: there were junk clones of those.

Keep in mind, I've been there in that era and quickly discovered
quality is requirement for generic peecees.

Today, the decent cases with good quality still cost about the same
still. The junkie cases still cost below 80.


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