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> > I didn't think people still buy AT cases, but this one (without
> > power supply) went for $46.52 (I have this exact case in a p2-400
> > system for old games). Just pointing this out because even some
> > common 486-Pentium PC era stuff has some value if it was of good
> > quality. As time goes on cases get cheaper in quality, at least from
> > what I have seen.
> >
> Somewhat correct, in that era of AT stuff (88 to 96) quality is all
> over the map and decent stuff is hard to find till online ordering
> got more plentiful around 97.
> That case with PSU (has to, was about 100 to 120 new back then).
> Warning: there were junk clones of those.
> Keep in mind, I've been there in that era and quickly discovered
> quality is requirement for generic peecees.
> Today, the decent cases with good quality still cost about the same
> still. The junkie cases still cost below 80.
> Cheers,
> Wizard

I still have 3 enlight cases of that era in use, you can stack a huge
monitor on the desktop version without worrying about it caving in.

I have 2 full tower Inwin Q500 atx cases that cost a little under $80 that
are built like tanks with thick quality metal that fits together perfectly
and a smaller midtower for $50 or so same quality. I don't mind a few screws
to hold the side panels on. The cases under $30 are the crapiest I ever
seen and wouldn't use one.
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