Need RT-11 on RX02

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Sun Feb 1 23:45:08 2004

Well, it took almost the entire weekend to get the floppy images over to
my laptop. I had to get 2 9 track tape drives working (at the same

What I have is 6 512512 byte (1001 sectors) images of the floppies.
This doesn't seem quite right to me and simh didn't want to boot from
it. Also if I boot RT from a simulated disk, RT doesn't like the
directory (on the floppy).

I unfortunately don't have a bootable RT pack for my 11/45 so I can't
try it out on real hardware (and have *never* been able to boot from
floppy on my 11's).

The transfer involved the following:
        floppy --> files on 11/45 --> tape --> files on laptop

I used the following to get the floppy images:
        dd if=/dev/rrx2 of=/tmp/rt11.n
        n was the # of the diskette

I then tar'd up the directory and put it out on the TU80. I then put
the tape in TSZ07 on one of my office machines and then copied the files
over to my laptop.

The only step I'm not sure about is the original "dd", but it seemed the
most reasonable to me. I didn't notice a difference if I used the block
device rather than the raw one (ie /dev/rx2 vs rrx2).

I don't know if simh is expecting anything different in terms of image
for the floppy.

I'll continue working on it for a bit (but at a slower pace). I needed
to do most of this anyway. I now have a tape of BSD 2 which I can put
onto my unix v7m so that's progress (I've even verified that I can read
the BSD tape!). Soon I'll be able to use vi on my 11 (no more ed)!

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 09:21, Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> I have a complete set of v5.1 (I think) DEC RX02 floppies (ie the
> distribution diskettes). I haven't tried them out yet to see if they're
> any good.
> My plan this weekend is to use my 11/45 running Unix V7 to copy off
> images. If I don't get any errors, I was going to copy them off to my
> laptop and then try booting them under an emulator to see if the
> contents are any good.
> If they are, I can do either of the following:
> 1. e-mail you a complete set of RX02 images (free)
> 2. make a set of RX02 floppies and mail them to you (something for
> the floppies and shipping).
> I'll let you know later this weekend if I was successful in making
> (useful) images.
TTFN - Guy
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