Need RT-11 on RX02

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 00:52:27 2004

On Feb 1, 2004, at 11:45 PM, Guy Sotomayor wrote:
> Well, it took almost the entire weekend to get the floppy images over
> to
> my laptop. I had to get 2 9 track tape drives working (at the same
> time).
> I used the following to get the floppy images:
> dd if=/dev/rrx2 of=/tmp/rt11.n
> n was the # of the diskette

   If I recall correctly, the RX02 is a 256-byte block. Maybe you need
to add "ibs=256 obs=256" to the dd command.

   Also, if you have a Linux or *BSD system you can attach to the /45's
serial console, you can image the RT-11 diskettes straight to the PC
disk with vtserver's built-in "copy" function. I've used it to
duplicate a bootable BRUSYS floppy on the 11/84.

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