NEC APC III, anyone have one?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 19:29:45 2004

Hi Rich,

   I have an orginal model APC with the 8" floppy drives that looks like
this <>. It has
the built-in color monitor. Do you have anything for it? BTW it's one HEAVY
brute! I'd hate to have to pay to ship it!


At 07:29 PM 2/2/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>I just received a large lot of NEC APC III software and docs... Naturally,
>this means I need an NEC APC III to go with it :-). I know it's a
>not-quite-PC-compatible. Anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? I
>assume I'd need the keyboard and system unit. Is the video output some sort
>of standard, or would I need the monitor as well? Any help or hardware is
>For the list, I'm willing to make copies of manuals or software. Disks I
>can mail no problem, manuals will require you to pay my copying costs (all
>manuals are a significant number of pages). Also, I'd need ZIP codes or
>country to estimate shipping. One last note ... This is not super high
>priority for me (in fact, I haven't gotten back to everyone from my last
>round of stuff :-( ), so don't expect lightning speed out of me on copies.
>If you can wait, I'd much rather scan these (600dpi), and mail a CD-ROM.
>The software is as follows:
>- APC III System Checking Diskette v5.0
>- MS-DOS System Diskette v2.11 Revision 1
>- MS-DOS System Diskette v2.11 Revision 3
>- MS-DOS System Diskette v2.11 Revision 4
>- Digital Research Logo ((c) 1984, "REV 00")
>- MS GW-BASIC 2.01
>- MS GW-BASIC Demonstration Diskette Version 1.0
>- SLE* GW-BASIC and Utility
>- SLE MS-DOS System Diskette
>- Digital Research DR Draw (1983)
>- Digital research DR Draw Fonts (1983)
>- MS MASM 1.25
>- MS-DOS BIOS Listing (5 disks, 1985)
>- GSX System Diskette (1984) rev 01
>- GSX Drivers Diskette (1984) rev 00
>- GSX System Diskette (1984) rev 03
>- GSX Drivers Diskette (1984) rev 01
>* - SLE=Software Library Expander -- Allowed NEC APC III to run "more
>programs". Part hardware, part software. Maybe some sort of PC-emulator??
>Manuals are (I have multiple copies of most of these):
>- MS-DOS User's Guide
>- GW-BASIC User's Guide
>- MS-DOS Guide for the SLE
>- GW-BASIC Guide for the SLE
>- MASM Manual, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
>- DR Logo User's Reference Guide
>- Beginner's Guide to DR Logo
>- MS-DOS Programmer's Reference Manual (Includes supplement for APC III)
>- DR Draw User's Guide
>- GSX-86 User's Guide
>Rich B.
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