SCELBAL, Scelbi books

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Mon Feb 2 19:34:32 2004


   I have the following books if you want to scan them and add them to the

  Sclebi's 8080 Galaxy Game
  Scelbi's 8080 Standard Editor
  Scelbi's 8080 Standard Assembler


At 07:04 PM 2/2/04 -0600, you wrote:
>Chuck - hold the phone - I've got the following SCELBI books in easily
>scannable form:
>- 8008 Editor Program
>- 8008 Assembler
>- Machine Language Programming for the 8008
>- SCELBI 8H User's Manual
>- 8080 Editor Program
>I also have the 6 issues of the SCELBAL update already in .pdf form.
>All this stuff is slowly finding it's way to Jim Kearney's new,
>improved, enlarged and expanded super-brite 8008 archive, along with
>some more info on Nat Wadsworth and the SCELBI computer. If there is a
>particular title you need access to, let me know and I can move it up in
>the queue; otherwise it will be a few months before this all gets to Jim
>If you want to scan "Galaxy Game for the 8008/8080", "First Book of
>Games for the
>8008/8080", and "Monitor for 8080" that would be great!
>I hope that a heart-to-heart with the head librarian would get you the
>books - never heard of a library that didn't cull non-used material to
>make room for hot new stuff on the x86!
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