SCELBAL, Scelbi books: AVAILABLE on CD + more

From: Bryan Blackburn <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 10:10:48 2004

Hi all,

I have a bunch of Scelbi titles and other various 8008 related books
scanned and available, all in pdf format on CD. Here is a list:

- The Intel 8008 Manual (two versions: Jun & Nov '72)
- RE Mark-8 Construction Article from Radio Electronics (from my originals)
- Microsystems International 8008 Applications Manual (Very good info
and monitor program, complete with assembler/disassembler listing!)
- Mark-8 (Micro-8) Newsletter, 18 issues
- The Computer Hobbyist Newsletter, 10 issues, plus flyer
- Scelbi 8008 Monitor Routines
- Scelbi Galaxy Game for the 8008/8080 (Star Trek game)
- Scelbi Machine Language Programming for the 8008
- Scelbi SCELBAL for the 8008/8080 (BASIC Language for the 8008/8080)
- The Digital Group "Packet #1" (Mods and improvements & software for
the Mark-8)
- RE Construction article for the original TV Typewriter
- Misc. software listings and other Misc. documents, mostly mine
- Photos of my Mark-8, just because there was room on the disk :)

Some of this info is available elsewhere on the web, if you can find it,
but I have scanned much of it from my own originals. The disk totals
about 550 Meg. To the best of my knowledge, other than perhaps the Intel
manuals, all the copyright holders of this stuff are long gone.

I will make this available to list members on cheap CD's (the only kind
I use, I'm afraid). for the cost making, packaging, and mailing them...
I think $4.00-5.00 should cover U.S. members via 1st class mail, and
$7.00-8.00 for international shipping via Global Priority.

If list members would like a copy, send an email to:
bryan( at )bkblackburn( dot )com, so I can get a head count.


See my Mark-8 at

Klemens Krause wrote:

> I would be highly interested to get a listing or a hexdump (or octal dump)
> of scelbal in any form.
> I have a running 8008-system and I'm looking for software for that system.
> If you would make available a readable listing of scelbal I would type it
> in. Best would be an assembler listing, but better than nothing would be
> an hex- or octal-dump.
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