IBM PC5150 monitor wanted/question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 12:51:49 2004

I have an IBM PC 5150 system unit and keyboard. I popped the cover and it
has a Paradise Multi Video or somesuch card in it. The card has two DB9
connectors, an RCA connector in the middle, and a little slide switch at the

Here's the deal: I'd like someday to find an authentic IBM brand monitor for
this. However, I'm not sure if it is mono, CGA, or EGA, or composite, or all
of the above. I'm curious how hard it is to find the right real IBM monitor
for this system. If it's fairly hard to find one these days, I will go pull
the Epson Equity I+ CGA (or is it EGA, it's color and has 9 pins) monitor
out of the trash to use if I have little hope of getting the IBM one.

So, can someone tell me what monitors types are likely to work with this
card, if those are hard/expensive to find (or if someone has one for trade),
or if those are nigh impossible to find, will the Epson monitor work on it?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Jay West

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