IBM PC5150 monitor wanted/question

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 13:31:09 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Jay West wrote:
> I have an IBM PC 5150 system unit and keyboard. I popped the cover and it
> has a Paradise Multi Video or somesuch card in it. The card has two DB9
> connectors, an RCA connector in the middle, and a little slide switch at the
> top.
> Here's the deal: I'd like someday to find an authentic IBM brand monitor for
> this. However, I'm not sure if it is mono, CGA, or EGA, or composite, or all

First, decide what YOU want. Then discard the oddball video card if it
isn't what you want. It is probably a combination MDA/CGA. Be aware that
IBM MDA monitors can actually be damaged if you feed them CGA signal
rates!, thus making such a combination card a serious liability risk.

Your choices for video on an 8 bit system using IBM monitors include:
MDA (80 x 25 B&W text)
CGA (80 x 25 color text, graphics up to 640 x 200 B&W, 320 x 200 color)
Aftermarket CGA boards higher res CGA (640 x 400),
MGA (aftermarket (Hercules and hercules clone) board only, 80 x 25 B&W
text, graphics up to 720 x 348 B&W)
VGA (real IBM 8 bit VGA cards are a bit scarce these days, but aftermarket

Aftermarket also includes board and monitor 1280 x 800 B&W (Wyse 700/Amdek
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