BT Merlin Tonto screen buzzing/screeching

From: Witchy <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 14:48:44 2004

Hi folks,

I don't think this is restricted to the Merlin Tonto (Sinclair QL remade by
ICL as the One-Per-Desk office companion and rebadged by British Telecom and
New Zealand Telecom) since they didn't make the monitor:

I dug it out of storage tonight because this morning I got a load of
handbooks and manuals as well as the original BT Merlin software set in nice
blue wallets, and since it worked a year ago (as you can see in the pix) and
has simply sat on a shelf in the house since then I just fired it up.

Machine is fine and self-tests then beeps while its prompting for the
date....fine....I hit the power button on the monitor and it just screeches
at me before I quickly turn it off - it sounds like the wires on the yoke
ringing loudly so is it possible the poor thing is objecting to being moved
from a not-so-heated room to a heated one? The storage room is warm enough
in winter that it doesn't go below freezing point (and it's very dry too),
but in the last couple of days here it's been in the low 50s farenheit.

Anyone seen screeching monitors before?

Cheers :)

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