Forced eBay ID Change?

From: Curt vendel <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 15:04:45 2004

Well, I doubt thats gonna do any good as it seems someone from the inside is
feeding/selling user accounts, I've never used my email address anywhere on
ebay, yet I've received plenty of ebay related scammer emails with some
personal ebay only info contained within them....


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> Curt vendel wrote:
> >
> > They just don't want people directly talking to one another, God
> > only through their controlling environment, sheeez people can't even
talk to
> > one another without evilbay watching over them.
> I think they are trying to make it harder to harvest email addresses.
> Kind of like hoping that people as incompetant as they, are doing the
> harvesting and can't find a way around it :). It is still legal AFAIK to
> use an email ID such as twerps_at_ebay_com.
> Dwight, I have some *strong* opinions about the way ebay effectively
> took advantage of those of us who helped promote the site, and then
> screws them :)!!!
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