need drivers/manual for M-Systems PC-FD card

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Date: Wed Feb 4 18:26:26 2004

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> PC-FD with two 1Mbyte Flash chips. Oops! Juat found a sticker that says
> Pc-FD-2 so I'm sure that it's a 2Mb card. BTW there are lots of unused
> for more ICs. I wonder if more Flash memory can be added?

The picture in the catalog shows a card with 4 rows by 4 columns of chips
(doesn't show the back side) so its either the 16V or 32V. I would assume
its the same board you have just has more chips added, not sure if the BIOS
is universal, so if you have a boxload of these try adding 2 more chips from
another card and see if it boots up to 4mb or not.

FLASH memory does wear out during multiple write cycles so the more you use
it the less memory you will have (the board has software to minimize the
losses). The specifications show 100,000 minimum cycles per bit.
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