VAX 4300 on eBay

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Wed Feb 4 18:41:37 2004

On Wednesday 04 February 2004 19:04, John Lawson wrote:
> $50 min bid; 6 days; no action as of this posting; in Florida.

Yeah, I saw that one, he just relisted it for $50 instead of $99. If it
was closer to me, I'd be more tempted to go get it. But I'd prefer to
have something faster, or get the KA660 that should have been in my
4000/200, instead of the KA640 that's in it now. :(

However, early next week, I shall finally be receiving my 11/750. :)
That reminds me - does anyone have a UNIBUS disk controller (SMD or
ESDI or RQDX-like or at least an RL11) that they'd want to trade
something for? Right now it's just got a MASSBUS adapter in it, and I
don't (yet) have any MASSBUS disks, although I hope to get some at some
point and make that happy.

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