This just in - Commodore B128 low profile computer (NOT 128D)

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Date: Thu Feb 5 10:49:25 2004

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> computer (NOT 128D)
> The computer itself is kinda nice. It had a MOS 6509
> processor in it, which was the beginnings of Commodore's
> memory management experiments.
> Some models also had the same video and sound chips as the
> Commodore 64.
> I'd really like one of these myself. :)

That was the P500 series, aka the PET II, and it was never released apart
from a few samples to dealers before being canned because the C64 was doing
so well. The B500/B128 was the 'b'usiness version that didn't have colour or

The European P500 made in Germany is more common than the US made, er, US
one :) Highest serial number I've seen on a european one is 1763.


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