Greedy E-bay idiots!

From: Teo Zenios <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:23:04 2004

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From: "Joe R." <>
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Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 3:01 PM
Subject: Greedy E-bay idiots!

> Did you guys see this?
> 5>. It's a thin manual for an EPROM programmer. This clown wants $9.80 for
> shipping AND $2.80 for insurance (REQUIRED no less). Actual postage for
> this via USPS bookrate is about 40 cents and insurance is 35 cents! How
> these clowns expect to stay in business!
> Joe

Nothing new in padding the shipping and handling. The eBay experience is
about the total cost to get an item to your door. The guy apparently wants
$20 minimum for the manual and there is probably a smaller eBay charge for
something that sells for 9.99 then something that sells for $20 (eBay
doesn't get a cut of shipping charges and some people still don't notice
above average shipping charges until its too late). The item didn't sell and
will probably get relisted 100 more times until somebody hard up for the
manual ends up buying it. Did you guys notice how many items never sell on
ebay these days?
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