RL02 Head install info

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu Feb 5 16:07:46 2004

> I have gotten a few pairs of RL02 head assemblies, and I'd like to know
> if they are used in 'pairs' per se, or if the upper and lowers are
> interchangable, or does any of this matter...?

The upper ('down'[1]) and lower ('up') heads are different (they're almost
mirror images of each other, so that the cable comes out on the same side
when installed).

However, they're not always fitted in pairs -- often you just replace the
bad head. I've never actually done an RL head replacement, but I've done
it for RK05s, and I remember just replacing a single head if the other
one was OK. The heads do not come as matched pairs, any 'down' head will
work with any 'up' head.

Note that RL01 and RL02 hheads are different, and you can't use the
'wrong' ones in either drive (you get something similar to the 40/80
cylinder problems on 5.25" floppies if you try)

[1] It's conventional to refer to these heads by the direction they face
when installed.

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