RL02 Head install info

From: Christian Corti <Christian.Corti_at_studserv.uni-stuttgart.de>
Date: Fri Feb 6 03:53:12 2004

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Tony Duell wrote:
> bad head. I've never actually done an RL head replacement, but I've done
> it for RK05s, and I remember just replacing a single head if the other
> one was OK. The heads do not come as matched pairs, any 'down' head will
> work with any 'up' head.

There are definitely different kind of RK05 heads. We had to replace the
heads from a RK05 drive for our LAB8/e just two or three weesk ago. Trying
to align the heads with an alignment pack and executing the data
reliability tests revealed that there are low amplitude heads and high
amplitude heads as well as low amplitude disk packs and high amplitude
ones. The failed head was a high amplitude one and we tried several
low amplitude heads that wouldn't work together with the read/write
amplifier card. At last we found a head pair with high output.
Afterwards we found a small note in one ECO manual for the RK05 that
mentioned high and low amplitude packs but not heads. Our scope (btw. a
very good Tek 555!) proved that there are different heads, too.

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