IBM PC5150 monitor wanted/question

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 17:04:24 2004

On 5 Feb 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:

> Are you sure that the front strip that you mention wasn't for shipping
> purposes in order to keep dust out? I've never seen a machine with this,

No, I'm not. I just discovered it only a year or two back.

> and (going from memory) there's no other way for air to get into the
> case in order for the PSU fan to blow it out the back if the front vents
> are sealed off (assuming all blanking plates are fitted!). Seems like a
> strange design addition.

This is actually common. I've gotten more than a few S-100 chassis, for
instance, where they've been modified with electrician's tape to imrpove
air flow (IMSAI 8080's usually have tape along the inside vents on the
power supply side so that the fan draws air from the opposite side and
pulls it over the power supply.

On the PC, there are plenty of air intake vents, including the floppy disk
drives themselves (for better or worse).

> Far as I know, the genuine machines are still common enough over here.
> Original-build IBM expansion boxes are a different matter; I don't think
> I've ever seen one.

I have at least one. They are rather rare over here as well.

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