Box o' Parts --- ASR 33..

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Feb 5 22:14:35 2004

Today is a happy day! Just got an ASR-33 teletype....well at least almost...

Seriously, I just received almost all of the key parts for a TTY. I have the
main assembly (with punch, the keyboard, and the reader. All that is missing
is the Power Supply and case. Thanks to David Gesswein ( I also
have a full set of prints.

While I did a reasonable amount of work on these beasts back in the mid '70s
it has been a long time, and many of those brain cells have disappeared.

Since I know that a number of people on this list have working teletypes, I
would greatly appreciate being able to speak with some of them to come up
with a game plan for actually getting this operational.

Please contact me either via this list, or e-mail

Thanks in advance.


ps: Where else can you get a multi-function device that does NO Graphics, NO
Lower Case Characters and prints a fantastic 0.1389 PPM!!!!!!! (It also will
head a small enclosed space, and provide enough noise to mask outside
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