Dec core mem on eBay

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 20:54:53 2004

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, David V. Corbin wrote:

> John,
> Glad to hear it, sorry if I jumped on you, but it had been a rough day, and
> I recently lost a good shot at an acquisition to a person known for "kut and
> scrap".

  Well I know. There's an original ad for the Bendix G-15 (I had one
once...) on eBay that I stopped bidding on after it got above $20... but
the high bidder's 'me' page says he's a preservationist, so we'll see.

  And I've missed many things over the years... "Oh, we thought that was

  For example - I work in the same building as a manufacturing company
with dozens of metal-working machines. I'm good friends with the foreman,
who has been an NC and CNC master machinist for many years. I was telling
him about my collection - and he said, "Hey - you don't want an old
Flexowriter or two...? they're up on the shelf in my old shop in Palo

  Well you can imagine my response. BUT:

  Long story short... they were tossed in the dumpster in September of
last year to make room for an upgraded phone system....

      YYYAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ;{ GRRRRR...

  So it's part and parcel of our Hobby... just because *I* see a rack of
PDP11 stuff in a certain light doesn't necessarily map onto the
conciousness of the poor schmoe who has to get it out of the warehouse and
onto the loading dock and into the roll-off before the scrap company shows
up to haul all that old shit away...

  And thanks for your well-meant concern! Without us, there'd be no
LGP-20s, Bendix G-15s, Apple Is.... left in the world.


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