Dec core mem on eBay

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Fri Feb 6 20:51:18 2004

Quoth John Lawson:

> If you look at the pix on the ebay page, you will notice that this is only
> half the system, and I contacted the seller (who I know) - it's all they
> have. Its just the core planes and the switching logic. Its a 32KW
> stack, BTW...

32Kw x 18, and with ICs around the core planes... was this for a PDP-15,
or perhaps a PDP-9?

> [...] nonetheless, I intend to frame it, open, and hang it on the wall
> in my machine room, Dave. I think it's beautiful, and I think it's enough
> of a piece of computing history that various people might like to have a
> look at real core memory. Our IT guy at work has been doing computers for
> a living for quite a while, and he had no real idea what the word 'core'
> actually meant....

Core memories are indeed beautiful. That is, until you have to find and
repair a bad connection on one... <cringe> ...well, okay, they're _still_
beautiful, but in an infinitely more frustrating sort of way. :)

I think it's amusing that there are computer people who have never seen or
worked with core memory. O'course, I also have coworkers who have never
owned a 33-1/3 record, and more recently coworkers who think the idea of a
telephone with a cord attached is antiquated. Damn. I _am_ getting old,
aren't I? :)


...but then, I've never used a punch-card or a drum memory, so maybe I
_am_ young. :) :)
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